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The must-have gadget of 2024: Heated Clothing


An ideal and unique gift in the winter is heated clothing. These products comes in handy multiple times a year, whether it’s in the middle of winter or when you’re off to a skiing trip. Heated clothes keeps your body at a very pleasant temperature, allowing you to brave any winter storm. How do heated clothes work? Let’s dive directly into the details below.

Where does the heat come from?

The heated clothes comes with one of multiple powerpack options. Either the 2.600, 3.000 or 3.800 batteries, supplying energy to the clothes. You can adjust the temperature to three different settings: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Level 1 maintains the heating wires at about 45 degrees, providing a comfortable warmth. If you’re in extremely cold areas, Level 3 can be used, where the heating wires can reach a temperature of 65 degrees. However, it’s worth noting that higher settings not only produce more warmth but also consume more energy, reducing the battery life.

A good insulating layer:

As often recommended, wearing a good insulating layer over the heated clothes is advisable. By wearing a sweater or jacket over the heated shirt for example, you’ll notice that the warmth remains inside the sweater or jacket and can function effectively at a lower heating level. This helps preserve the battery, allowing for longer heating periods. The heating duration of the heated bodywarmer for example ranges from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the heat setting and ambient temperature.

Different models of heated clothes:

There are various items of heated clothes: You have heated shirts, pants, bodywarmers etc. Most items are also available as either Basic, Pro or Dual Heating. The dual heating has double the heating elements than the Pro. The Dual Heating heated bodywarmer for example boasts 10 heating zones, with 4 at the front and 6 at the back, ensuring maximum warmth across the entire body. This heated bodywarmer comes with two power banks of 10.000 mAh.

Renowned brand:

The brand providing the heated clothes is BERTSCHAT®, offering a range of heated products to complete the collection. If you often suffer from painfully cold feet, their heated socks are an excellent choice. Different models are available, such as the Long Edition for winter sports enthusiasts and the Hiking Edition for cyclists and hikers. These socks are powered by powerful batteries instead of power banks, providing a day-long warmth.

All BERTSCHAT® products come with a 1-year factory warranty, and their post-sale services, as reflected in reviews, are commendable. They can be reached via email, chat, or phone. Curious about their other offerings? Check out the BERTSCHAT® website.