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Why should you buy speakON cables?

At the professional LivePower store for audio and video equipment, you can buy speakON audio cables. Now, why would you purchase these cables and what difference can they make for your set-up? SpeakON cables are known throughout the music industry because of their amplifying qualities. When you buy speakON cables, you will experience that they are incredibly easy to use. Thanks to their click system, you can simply plug them into your speakers and connect them to your amplifiers with as much as a click. But what makes them different from XLR connects, for example? SpeakON cables can reach much higher amps than the regular cables you can buy from any store. These will stop amplifying at about fifteen amps. SpeakON audio cables go much further, which is why professionals often buy them to use at big venues or events.

The many options this store has to offer

Are you looking to buy other equipment as well, besides just premium audio cables? You can surely find it at the digital store of LivePower. This professional store offers you a broad range of varied materials that can level up any set-up. Whether you need racks, consumables, drums, or power distributors, you can buy them here. Adding to this, it is even possible to have your equipment customized to your wishes. Add your own logo or colors for a personalized touch. This helps you find your own materials in a busy or chaotic environment. If you are not able to find the products that suit your specific set-up, they can also come up with custom solutions for you. Inform these professionals of your wishes and specifics and they will develop the exact product you need.

Stock up on your favorite items today

Do you wish to buy the professional speakON audio cables for your brand? Then, simply head over to the LivePower online shop and stock up on all your favorite products. Their shipping is always fast. You can count on same day shipping for stock items. Your personalized items will be sent in about a week. If you have any questions about their products or services, simply reach the professionals of LivePower through phone or send them an e-mail.