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Reddit small business ideas

Reddit small business ideas


Nail Studio

Are you good with nails and always manage to impress with your appearance? Then you can probably have done this skill for acquaintances. So why not put a little more effort into it and look for more people you can help with your own nail salon.


The great thing about nails is that people see it, especially if it is made into something special. This also means that the ball will start rolling for you the moment you manage to make something beautiful out of it. “Where did you get those nails” is a question you hear people asking now. Well with your own nail studio.


What do you need?


Have a passion for nails

To be creative

The right supplies

Plan events

One of the most annoying things about hosting your own party or events is that you are often not a big part of it yourself. You constantly have to arrange things and check that everything is still on schedule and that the fridge is still full. Do you always have this well under control? If so, you can sell these skills well to people who aren’t exactly at the forefront of organization handouts.


Planning a wedding, a birthday party or a drinks party at the company. Events that need to run smoothly and that people will probably remember for a long time. Are you that party planner who provides a masterpiece? Then you can make good money here. Start with the party of acquaintances and the ball will start rolling.


What do you need?


Good listener

Stress resistant

Good connections with necessary companies

Live streamer

YouTube and Twitch are major platforms on the internet where millions of people watch others. Gamers who watch how the pros do it or even people who study with each other during a live stream. Are you not camera shy and do you regularly do something where you can put the camera too? Then you can start a career as a live streamer.


Gamers, for example, spend entire days playing their favorite game and in the meantime earn capital through the people watching them. Twitch itself indicates that streamers can earn around $3000 to $5000 on a 40 hour work/game week. On top of that is the ad revenue of $250 per 100 subscibers. Making money from gaming has never been easier, although you have to play hard to do it.


What do you need?


A laptop

A real gaming chair

Something to set you apart from the rest and keep people coming back for more.

Repair cars and scooters

Something breaks down regularly and getting your car fixed at a garage can be very expensive or slow. Therefore, most people have found a ‘beunhaas’ who can do it in the backyard for half the cost. Are you someone who knows everything about cars and motorcycles? Then you can make good money from this.


In your spare time or just as a workday you can tinker with cars and scooters and make good money with it too. All you need is the knowledge and the tools. If you are good at this, people with broken cars will soon know where to find you.


What do you need?


A workshop

Knowledge of different engines

A passion for cars


Many businesses or large households do not always have the time to do their own laundry. Think for example of the work outfits, the clothes of a soccer team or towels of a gym. If you are good with washing clothes and you can also fold them lightning fast? Then you have a good chance of success.


You can start your own business with local sports clubs and businesses to build up a customer base. The more you do a good job and the more everyone wonders how those clothes got so clean, the busier you get and the bigger your wallet will become.


What do you need?


Good planning skills


Ability to do (a lot of) laundry

Deal in art and antiques

For many people, browsing the thrift store or the Internet is a hobby. Yet there is a lot of money to be made with items that others don’t see the value of. Recently I was given the example of an old billboard that had to go. It was a sign from the Niemeyer in Groningen that was going to be thrown away. Within a day it was sold for € 140. This was pure profit in 15 minutes of work.  


If you know about coast and antiques or other old stuff you will probably like it too. By keeping your eyes open at a flea market, sale or in a thrift store you can make a lot of money. First as a fun hobby and side income, but also definitely as a serious business.


What do you need?


An eye for detail

Know what is going on in the market

Knowledge of the various markets where many collectors are active



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