Keys to create the definitive lateral defense in FIFA 18

For a few years, the conception of the lateral defenses has changed a lot in the world of football. Brazilian school players such as Roberto Carlos demonstrated the decisive role that this demarcation can have in an eleven if they left that to defend exhaustively for other positions and projected much more in attack. A maxim that is now also fulfilled in FIFA 18.

The most popular laterals and lanes in the EA Sports game are those whose offensive statistics are higher than the average. Therefore, to compose a player capable of touring the entire band from the beginning to the end of the game will be our objective in order to set the definitive side in the FIFA 18 Clubes Pro mode.

Below, we show you the keys and the requirements that your player must meet in this game mode if you want to be unsurpassed by no end and an offensive argument for your team.

Rhythm and physical, the most important

Oddly enough, when talking about a defensive position, we should not focus on investing points in defense when creating our perfect side. The rhythm and the physicist will be, in this way, the two skills on which we must focus at the beginning, since we will be interested in maximizing them with fut 18 coins buying.

In this way, investing skill points in these areas of the game, we will get a player capable of raising and lowering the band at high speed during the 90 minutes of the game. With these qualities, we will have a good part of the work done.
Our time just ran out. But don´t worry, because we are going to finish this guide the next week. Stay tuned!
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