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Did you know these 5 fascinating facts about Dutch beverages?

Exploring the rich flavors of the Netherlands

The Netherlands may be known for its picturesque windmills and vibrant tulip fields, but there’s a flavorful world of Dutch beverages that deserves the spotlight. Whether you’re a Dutch expat missing the taste of home or a curious foodie, there’s much to discover about the drinks that define the Dutch experience. Here are five fascinating facts that might just surprise you.

A nation of coffee connoisseurs

When you think of coffee cultures, countries like Italy or Brazil might spring to mind. However, did you know that the Dutch are among the world’s top coffee drinkers? On average, residents of the Netherlands consume around 2.4 cups of coffee per day. This love for coffee is reflected in the Dutch ritual of ‘koffietijd’ (coffee time), a mid-morning break for a cup of coffee often accompanied by a biscuit or cake.

The original energy drink

Long before the shelves were stocked with modern energy drinks, the Dutch were sipping on something called ‘karnemelk’ (buttermilk). This tangy drink is a byproduct of butter making and is packed with nutrients. In the past, Dutch farmers drank karnemelk to stay energized during long working days. Today, it remains a popular choice for its health benefits and distinctive taste.

A toast to tradition

Jenever, often referred to as Dutch gin, is a juniper-flavored spirit that has been warming the hearts of the Dutch since the 16th century. It’s not just a drink; it’s a cultural icon. Jenever comes in two main varieties: oude (old) and jonge (young), which refer to the distillation methods and not the age of the spirit. Sampling jenever is a must for anyone wanting to taste a piece of Dutch history.

The sweet side of Dutch sips

For those with a sweet tooth, the Dutch have a delightful treat called ‘chocomel’. This isn’t your average hot chocolate; it’s a rich and creamy beverage that’s enjoyed both hot and cold. It’s so beloved that it’s often referred to as the official drink of Dutch winter, providing a sweet escape from the chilly weather.

Beer beyond Heineken

While Heineken is undoubtedly the most famous Dutch beer globally, the Netherlands boasts a thriving craft beer scene. Small breweries across the country are experimenting with flavors and techniques, producing unique beers that range from traditional lagers to innovative IPAs. The Dutch take their beer seriously, and there’s always something new and exciting to try.

Discover Dutch beverage delights

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