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This section contains links to the MPoA message board, quizzes, polls, an adoption center, and our own OekakiBBS! Use the links below to navigate through the vaious sections ^_^

~[MPoA OekakiBBS]~
If you're anything of an artist, even if you think you're horrible, come and draw a bit on the MPoA OekakiBBS! There's nothing to sign up for, nothing to download (unless you don't have Java), and it's a fairly simple program to use! You just need the following passwords (due to severe pr0n spamming): To paint "sanjicakes" and to comment "sanjimuffins".

~[MPoA Message Board]~
Please join us in the Mika's Pile of Anime Message Board! Talk about various anime/manga/video game topics with other fans just like yourself ^_^ "Sure, I've heard that a MILLION times" is what you're thinking right? Well, I'll admit that this is pretty much your basic BBS, but the difference here is that you get to talk to ME! ^___^ (I'm not really that concieted, I just needed a reason why you should come talk with us!)

Take some quizzes designed by myself and other people (and also view the results that I got from those quizzes ^_^). NOTE: Some quizzes may be associated with objectional material or themes. View at your own discretion.

Go here to cast your vote at one or all of my polls.

~[Adoption Center]~
Mika's adoption center, home of Chibi Experiments Lame. Start adopting my little chibi eperiments today!

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This page last updated January 06, 2008.

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