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Irrashaimase!! Welcome to my humble corner of the web, dedicated to helping improve your anime website. First off, I know my site isn't the best, but I certainly know it's not the worst out there. With that said, I hope you'll take my suggestions into thought with an open mind ^^ These are only general ideas, and can pretty much be applied to any site, anime or not.



This is the most important part of your website! First impressions are the most important after all ^_^

  • Keep your layout the same or very similar from page to page. I know this can be hard sometimes (especially when you're a beginner web designer!) but do try your best. Guests to your site can get easily confused if they don't stay within the same format throughout the whole trip within your site.
  • Colorful background images are a NO NO! It's ok to use a cool anime picture for your background, but tone it down or else it might clash so badly with your text that you can't even read half the pages without highlighting everything. And trust me, that will send your visitors away faster than you'd believe.
  • Try to keep the amount of images that have to load down to a minimum. I know I don't follow this rule to a point, but I've seen sites where their entire anime image gallery, their regular layout images, plus 10 'vote for me' buttons, and their 100+ affiliates are all crammed onto the same page (or even worse, every page -_-)!! That's definitely too many images ^^

I know that images are the funnest and easiest thing you can do with your website. Here are a couple rules to build your image galleries by:

  • Keep a limit to the amount of images that you display per page. I suggest 10 at the most. Never EVER group all of your 50+ images on one page, no matter how cool you made it look or whatever. It will take so long to load that your guest will leave before they get to see the coolness ^^;
  • Try to use thumbnails! Whether you chose to use a seperate small image as a link or just use the actual image resized, it's way better for your viewer and for your web page if you use a small 50x50 thumbnail rather than the actual 1550x700 image
Web Etiquette

You'd think you wouldn't even have to say anything on this subject, but you may (or may not) be surprised at how many amateur sites simply steal images, leech music files, and ect from other sites without obtaining permission or at least giving proper credit =P

  • MOST IMPORTANT RULE! Never EVER leech anything from anyone. Even if it's one image, you would be appalled at how much it drains the other person's bandwidth! If you only follow one of the guidelines on this page, let this one be it. Leeching is the worst thing you can do on the web when it comes to running a site.
  • When using images (fan art, scans, screencaps, wallpapers, icons, and anything else that you didn't make or rip yourself) ALWAYS obtain permission from the person who originally scanned, created, ripped, ect that item. After that, always show credit to that person somewhere in your page for as long as you use that item. I know that sounds like a lot of work, but really, who did the most work? The one who got it originally, that's who. It sounds simple and easy when writing about it (and it is!) but it takes so much time and effort that it really sucks the big one to have that work stolen away from you by someone who is too lazy to do it themselves or at least ask for permission.
  • This rule goes hand-in-hand with the previous one, but I thought it should get it's own dot anyways ^^ Don't ever steal something and say it's yours. ESPECIALLY fan art or fiction. I mean, how low can you go?
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