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I'm positive that not everyone in the world knows what ^^ is supposed to be. This section is designed to enlighten all of you who don't know, and to give some new ideas to those of you who do know.

First off, I should start by explaining the direction at which you should look at an anime emoticon. Most everyone knows to look at a normal emoticon from the side (left or right).


See? That was a big mouthed happy face starting at the left of the page. But what's different with anime emoticons is that they are straight up and down. No turning your head at a 90 degree angle to get what these puppies are supposed be, no sir!


That one was a happy eyed anime emoticon. Do you see it? The two ^ (shift + 6) are eyes and the _ (shift + -) is the mouth. Ok, now that we have the basics down, onto the listing of all the different anime emoticons! They are divided into several categories, generic emoticons, and specific anime characters.

Generic Anime Emoticons

^_^ happy
^.^ happy, nose/small mouth
^^ happy, no mouth
-^^- happy with blushes
=^^= happy neko (cat)
=^.^= happy neko (cat) with nose/small mouth
=^_^= happy neko (cat) with human mouth
U_U sad
u_u sad, small eyes
V_V sad, different version
v_v sad, small eyes, different version
T_T sad, with tears
^_^; sweatdrop
^_^' sweatdrop, different version
X_X dead
x_x dead, small eyes
^_~ winking
^_- winking, less feminine version
>_< angry/irritated
>< angry/irritated, no mouth
-_- tired or annoyed
O_O surprised
O_o disbelief
<_< looking to the left
>_> looking to the right
@_@ swirly-eyed (confused) or glasses
(FYI, the sweatdrop [; or '] can be added to most any other emoticon in order to add an exasperated or nervous emotion to it. For instance X_X; or <_<;

Gundam Wing Emoticons

^_\\\ Trowa happy
~_\\\ Trowa winking
-_\\\ Trowa sleeping or annoyed
///_^ Trowa also works the other way

ONE PIECE Emoticons

My little sister, Satoita, came up with these ^____^

^_)) Sanji-sama happy
~_)) Sanji-sama curly eyebrow or winking
-_)) Sanji-sama sleeping or annoyed
'_-' Usopp, looking to the right
'-_' Usopp, looking to the left

Kirby Emoticons

<('-')> regular Kirby
<('o')> Kirby sucking up stuff
<('-'<) Kirby to the left
(>'-')> Kirby to the right
<(^-^)> happy Kirby

Anime Emoticon Accessories

Set these little guys next to your emoticons to give them more feeling! For example: ^_^; <(??)

<(!) surprise or alarm
<(??) question or misunderstanding
<(@) confused
<(zZ) sleeping

This page last updated March 12, 2006.

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