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Want to learn somthing about anime? Good! Cuz you're in the right place ^_^ You can find anything from the lyrics to your favorite anime songs, to a listing of those little anime emoticons!! Please use the links below to get where you want to be.

~[What is Anime?]~
This is the complete report that I presented as my semester final for Japanese III in high school.

Anime Convention Reviews
~[Anime Banzai 2006]~
~[Anime Oasis IV - 2005]~

~[Anime Emoticons]~
Ever wondered what ^_^ means? Well, a visit to this page will do you good! It might also give the experienced anime emoticon user some new ideas.

Anime Guitar Tabs
I'm no expert guitar player, but I do know how to sound out a melody ^_~ You can print out and use these tabs as you desire, just please don't redistribute or post them anywhere else without my permission. Thanks!
~[Dragonball Z Movie 13: Tapion's Theme]~

~[Anime Lyrics]~
A listing of the lyrics to a lot of anime songs ^_~

~[Anime Name Changes/Puns]~
Everyone knows that a lot of animators and manga artists like to use puns in their works, and a lot of the time the characters end up with names made into puns ^_^ Visit this section to learn about such puns and also to find out the differences between the original Japanese names and the American dubbed/translated names of various anime and manga characters.

~[Anime Website Tips]~
Feel like starting your own anime website? Great! Here are a few ideas and tips to get you off the ground.

~[The Biggest Anime List in the World]~
Want to find a new anime without being affected by people's biased opinions? This is the place to go!

~[Japanese Dictionary]~
Here I've layed out for you the definitions to many common Japanese words and phrases used in the anime world. Also some links to larger online Japanese dictionaries in case you can't find what you need here.

~[Japanese Name Endings]~
I'm sure some of you have wondered what exactly "kun" or "dono" means. Here I define (or try to explain as best I can) those tricky Japanese name endings!

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This page last updated November 6, 2006.

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