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Humor: Dragonball Quotes

"Dah! Imbecile! You tell me now?! Don't you think that's important information!?!"
~ Vegeta, just after Goku told him fusing into Vegetto would be permanent

"Buu's body has been split in two! Aw, I didn't mean to do that! What a shot! Oh, curse my deadly aim!!"
~ Mr. Satan, thinking he shot Buu into two peices

"You mean I'm stuck this way?!"
~ Kaioshin (fused with Kibito), after the Old Kai told him fusing lasted forever

"But, what will dressing him like a Kai accomplish?"
~ Kibito, after the Old Kai gave Goku the Potara earrings

"I think you burnt my underwear."
~ Young Gohan, after a sparring match with Piccolo

"If you're cooperative, I'll turn you into something practical, like a toaster."
~ Vegeta, talking to Android Eighteen

"There are three things I despise; cowardice, bad hair, and military insurrection. Unfortunately, Vegeta here is guilty of all three."
~ Frieza

"My ears do more than frame my face, Goku."
~ Piccolo

Android Eighteen ~ "My hair! It doesn't grow back, you punk!"
Trunks ~ "Well, allow me to even it out for you!"

"Eat my dust Piccolo!"
~ Goku, just after passing Piccolo up during their "driving lessons".

"You're just jealous because you don't have a tail."
~ Young Goku

"Nobody throws Mister Shuu!"
~ Mister Shuu, after being thrown out the window by Chi Chi

"Master Roshi! Get off the toilet!"
~ Young Goku

"I'm a warrior! Not a...a variety of flower!"
~ Vegeta, on the clothes Bulma gave him

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