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Welcome! This part of the site has a whole bunch of funny fan fiction, some humorus images, funny quotes, the classic "You know you watch too much" bit, and a nice little thing I like to call "Anime Piccie Mayhem" all waiting for you below ^_~

~[Hate Mail (2)]~
Believe it or not, my generally non-offensive website has gotten a few pieces of hate mail (or just idiot mail) in its time ^^; Here they are with my replies (if any).

~[Anime Piccie Mayhem (9)]~
I couldn't think of any name that could describe what this section is, so I'm going to tell you in this little paragraph ^_^ What we did here was we took your average anime cel/screen-cap/doujinshi/ect and we made terrible fun of it! We wrote down everything that popped into our evil little minds and posted it here for you all to see.

~[Funny Images (10)]~
From images that were intended to be funny from the start, to images that were mercilessly edited to suit our funny bones, you can find them all here!

~[Humor Fictions (12)]~
Instead of scanning through all of our fan fictions, trying to find funny ones, just go here to find a full listing of only our humor fics!

Humorus Quotes
~[Gundam Wing]~

You Know You Watch Too Much...
~[...anime when...]~
~[...Dragonball when...]~
~[...Gundam Wing when...]~

Links to Funny Sites
~[8-bit Theater]~
This is a video game site containing the funniest online comics you will ever see! Just go check it out!

~[Video Game Director's Cuts]~
Another video game parody site. I guarantee there is at least one thing there that will make you roll on the floor laughing your @$$ off!

~[A.R.M.S. Anti-Relena Movement's Soldiers]~
For the Relena hater in all of us! DEFINITELY check out the parody videos in the Anti-Relena images section. It will be the funniest thing you've ever seen!

~[Heero is not Toast...& Other Gundam Wing Facts]~
This site is absolutely adorable! The chibi adoptions are to DIE for! But don't let that fool you. There's plenty of humor and Relena bashing to be found here ^_^ *evil giggle*

~[Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series]~ This is one of the greatest, most hilarious parodies ever done. In the history of all mankind.

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This page last updated September 16, 2007.

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